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The hell is this shit with Zoro and S-Hawk, lol.

- S-Hawk prepares to use a slash.
- Gets blocked by Zoro in mid-air (you can see slash getting scattered when they clash)
- S-Hawk is surprised, then Zoro pushes himself off S-Hawk (It wasn't S-Hawk who pushed Zoro back, look at the way S-Hawk swings his sword)

I don't understand what people arguing over.
Stussy not being able to issue a command on Sera is either her bs or a plothole. Lucci is knocked out and that guy was able to issue commands after Sentomaru got knocked out who is at higher command.
Either that or Lucci just pretend to be defeated.

Anw, isn't Lucci override Sentomaru's order after he was taken away for medical help (off screen)?
That's another possibility too. You can't override others command as long as the one who give command still in the field.

But, I'm more to Lucci just pretend to be defeated or there is a plot hole
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