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Mysteries sell is the motto of One Piece.
If you answer all questions, there'd be no more mysteries to sell.

Just take the devil fruit's explanation for example... that shit gave us more questions than answers lmao.

One Piece is gonna go down the Bleach TYBW or Naruto Fourth Ninja War route and it's obvious lol.
Those mentioned points aren't even any groundbreaking mystery, it's just basic information readers expected to have.

Imagine being an anime only you are never going to find out any of thay LOL.
Either that or Lucci just pretend to be defeated.

Anw, isn't Lucci override Sentomaru's order after he was taken away for medical help (off screen)?

That's another possibility too. You can't override others command as long as the one who give command still in the field.

But, I'm more to Lucci just pretend n to be defeated or there is a plaot hole

Sentumaru higher than lucci n stussy

Gol D. Roger

ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
But he can haki makes hits stronger but doesn't stop marco regen
Unlike attacks that penetrate or cut him blunt attacks aren't gonna have marco use his regen flames
I never said haki stops regeneration, but at least a portion of damage remains if the attack is Hakified. That's how Garp hurt him back at MF in full zoan form. While Kizaru's attacks didn't even faze him despite putting holes in his head when he attacked WB.

Marco can get hurt by fire attack unless he uses his own flames to overwhelm the flames
He's not immune to Prometheus, ace, sabo, sanji, luffy, etc. Fire attacks
He's literally using his flames to guard against King's flames, the flames overpowered his wing, and the wing got destroyed and hurt Marco which is why he was on his knees wiping his face. Marco directly confirmed Big Mom's flames are getting overpowered because his flames are special. They're both in contact but Prometheus got overpowered because Marco's flames are stronger. It's as simple as that.
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