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YOUNG Whitebeard not prime Whitebeard
YOUNG Whitebeard not prime Whitebeard
YOUNG Whitebeard not prime Whitebeard
YOUNG Whitebeard not prime Whitebeard

For the comparison, this is young Linlin

Prime Linlin

Old Linlin

For the ranking, Prime Linlin > Old Linlin > Young Linlin.
So if Whitebeard has the same pattern then it will be Prime Whitebeard > Old healthy Whitebeard > Young Whitebeard.

And Weevis is compared to Young Whitebeard, the weakest version of Whitebeard.
Just like young Linlin is weakest version of Linlin.
And young pre TS Luffy is the weakest version of Luffy.
Haki grows in tough battles that's just a fact dunno why you think being in Rocks is not a factor.

Lmao using buggy jokes as arguments is as low as erkan level of logic. if you think swordmanship doesn't include Haki ,experience and more then you are lost case.
We are literally following all what Zoro is learning to improve his swordmanship and become WSS.
Why do you think weevil hasn’t had tough battles? He took out dozens of new world captains and crews.
I think thanks to the lunarian body modifications Oda has to be very careful with the match ups. There are only so many people that can even damage a Seraphim and there are only so many people that can even try to fight Kizaru, assuming Saturn is not really a fighter, cause I don't buy into that for now. And there are going to be VAs present that accompany Kizaru on his way there.

If S-Hawk has Mihawk's skills and matches CoA Zoro in power his paramecia will probably put him on low top tier level, so it's likely that only advCoC/KoH Zoro himself and Luffy can handle that guy. Out of the rest from the SHs I think only Sanji (Ifrit Jambe), JImbei (f.karate), Franky (lasers) and Nami (Zeus) even have a hope of damaging them. Stussy for example likely cannot bite through their lunarian skin. Boa has petrification kicks, that would cripple or kill all non CoA SHs, so there's also only a selected few that can even fight her.
Assuming that S-hawk is likely just too strong - just like Kizaru-, assuming that S-shark is probably a more powerful JImbei, that would therefore beat our Jimbei and granted that S-snake can only be fought off by the likes of Sanji, Zoro, Jimbei and Luffy I think that the match ups likely are going to look like this:
Luffy vs Kizaru, Zoro vs S-hawk, Sanji vs S-shark, Jimbei vs S-Snake, Franky + major help vs S-bear and the rest vs the Marines and stuff. There's probably still someone that shut off the security system, so there's that aswell.

Either way it's going to be interesting. Thanks to Saturn accompanying Kizaru I'm now pretty sure that a little war is going to happen.


Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
Why is Oda calling Saturn "The World's Highest Authority" when we know that Gorosei are actually just serving Imu
infoboxes shouldn't lie
Because world doesn't know about IMU existence - we readers know but not the one piece World

So for OP world, Gorsoei are highest authority
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