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:choppawhat: Even Greenbull vs the Scabbards caused environmental changes
Bukkings words clearly say that there was no struggle from Weevils part. You understand this as "there was no fight", but answer me this,

- Why didn't Bakkin just tell Marco that Weevil gave himself up?
- Why didn't Weevil surrender when the Marine had the kids at Gunpoint ?

It's honestly all damage control.
Now this is true cope
Are you guys playing dumb on purpose?
Garp stated that Luffy was born with CoC and even Doberman said its no surprise Luffy has CoC considering Dragon is his father.
This along with Roger/Ace and Kaido/Yamato is clear cut undeniable evidence that CoC is inherited through blood and guess out of which blood Weevil is made ?
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