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Walpol clearly seen the assassination of King Cobra and likely seen Imu or the Gorosei do it which is why he's so frightened.

Guessing one of the Vegapunks are the traitors but which one. You know my two hunches are the one who got damaged off Lucci or the young girl one.
Y'all are impatient as hell.
Also I think Wapol found Vivi and Sabo and saw Lulusia getting bombed but doesn't want to talk about it after given the context.
He doesn't need to fight

Just demonstrate what ancient power he has - that's enough

And, I don't think he will get involve right away - it will be kizaru who will take the charge and then I expect Saturn to intervene
Goofy has to fight Saturn now so he won't need to fight a Gorosei later, isn't that how Goofy fans read OP? He needs to beat a Gorosei before the others can fight them. :quest:
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