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Goofy has to fight Saturn now so he won't need to fight a Gorosei later, isn't that how Goofy fans read OP? He needs to beat a Gorosei before the others can fight them. :quest:
He isn't beating Gorosei rn. That's headcannon

Oda won't kill the hype of remaining Gorosei when we don't even know their names
- We don't see the traitor in this chapter but he will do something again after what he did in Chapter 1071 (when he turned of the protection of the doom) (btw it's not known if the traitor is a he or a she lol)
With this new info, now we 100% know the traitor is Sanji.
Besides being invisible so we can't see him. But after what happened every day and every night in Kamabakka Kingdom for 2 years non stop, now it is kinda hard to tell whether Sanji is a he or a she.
Kizaru will fight Sanji. Zoro and Luffy will save Sanji by using their advanced CoC from far away causing Kizaru to get Greenbull’d. Sanji will shit his pants.
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