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Hopefully the ships come into sight this chapter or wihin the next chapter already. Then we might get Kizaru and Saturn really involved at around the middle of march.
And that 50 Pacifista thing is actually interesting. It creates a certain plot dynamic, where probably everyone bar Kizaru and Saturn will be occupied with them. So no panels need to be wasted for marine fodder and VAs. That means that it's likely that only Kizaru and Saturn will enter the island, probably while deflecting some Pacifista attempts, which makes this a very manageable cast for the climax of Egghead: The SHs, Bonney, the satellites+VP, Stussy, the Seraphims and Kizaru+Saturn.

It's actually looking good for Luffy and Zoro right now. If those two stay behind, they are seperated from the rest, who will have to deal with the Seraphims, that will get commanded to obliterate VP and the Satellites, means Zoro and Luffy vs Kizaru and Saturn is actually very likely, while they can go all out on Fabriophase, which is then evacuated.
Caribou prolly takes care of VP's brain with his ability. This might get very interesting
He is only reacting to vegapunk's comment... sanji has always had intrigues with mads members so don't believe that vegapunk who is surely the most important in the group will snub judge's son
Yeah but look at three things.

When they got to Egghead, the seaking that was called a failure by Lillith was 03.
Edison who Sanji saved is 03.
VP throws a fit on his failure with Momo's fruit.

Seems somewhat odd.
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