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@Paperchampion23 Vivi is 100% joining now that it is confirmed that she isn't stuck in IM dungeon
just need to find a way for her to go to Elbaf
Honestly im hoping. Morgans conveniently has a flying ship. Morgans also roams the NW, not Paradise. I cant see her hanging around Wapol and Morgans and not doing anything until Luffy and crew come back from LT.

However, it might be earlier than Elbaf. I have this weird feeling that something Underworld relelated is next (either at Fullalead or somewhere new). Primarily because:

- Stussy is an UW member
- Morgans is an UW member
- Wapol probably had UW connections
- Vivi may be pretty knowledgable about it
- CG (in general) maybe have some relevence with the UW like it was implied. Plus a Vivi, Robin, Croc reunion would be sick lol

We'll see. At this point im just super biased towards it happening. Im really hoping Smoker also gets involved here too.

Gorosei Informer

Y'all are impatient as hell.
Also I think Wapol found Vivi and Sabo and saw Lulusia getting bombed but doesn't want to talk about it after given the context.
Yeah we only went through a 4 year long arc, 1050 plus chapters and 25 years with little payoff but endless trolling and limitless questions being raised!

You guys will tolerate anything Oda does, no matter how long for, ffs. People like you are why he gets away with so much bullshit in the first place.
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