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Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
The other Straw Hats seem to be moving around just fine though
Bonney found her way as well

And if Caribou really is under Blackbeard's wing then that makes the connection, everyone wants Vegapunk so it's natural that includes Blackbeard. And considering that no one was detected when the dome turned off, and how Shiryu was not seen in the chapter with Blackbeard vs Law I think a door is opening here.

If any of the satellites had any kind of self-preservation then none of them are traitors
You are reaching with caribou plot. Lol

He hardly did anything smart worthy since he got with SHs - and you expect him to pull some plugs related to tech lmao

Also, he doesn't fit in the definition of traitor.

When a trust worthy person back stabbs then he becomes a traitor - caribou isn't this person for any party on the island

Pot Goblin

Conejo Blanco
Blackbeard has been relevant this arc as well
With the fight against Law, Garp heading to his base, and Koby getting kidnapped
The fella has a lot of fingers in pies rn
Members of his crew showing up here would not be out of the question
Kizaru has build up from the sabody unlike kaido or BM

Don't think oda will take him down in a small arc like this one without any build up
The admiral individually aren't as important as the emperors. Strength wise he's not a bigger threat than kaido
Kizaru is either going to be beat by luffy now or a side character later. He doesn't really need much build up tbh. He's been relevent since shabaody
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