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CoC: Color of Clowns

Cocking Haki? In a Franky arc?
"good luck kidnapping a Gorosei".

Flashback to all the "BB kills Kizaru theories and realizes Kizaru is right there...alongside a Gorosei member...
Oh no....
I actually love Kizaru, I didn't even think this was a possibility.

Keep in mind we have no idea how Augur's Warp Fruit works, imagine Blackbeard teleports into Egghead, holding Law's body in one hand, and shouts, "ZEHAHAHAHAHA! Is that a "God", I see there? A Gorosei? Hey, guess what!?! That Fruit you were willing to pay 5 Billion Berry for... GUESS WHO HAS IT NOW, YOU ARROGANT OLD MAN?!?"

Blackbeard tosses Law into the sea, and spread his hand open.

Blackbeard tosses a rock at Saturn, then switches places with it using Shambles.
Saturn and Kizaru are both sucked in, then Blackbeard hits them with the Gura Gura fists.
@Reborn What do you think about Blackbeard showing up in Egghead with Law's Fruit at his disposal and punching out Kizaru?
Remember when people were making fun off Kizaru for bringing in a Fleet ?

Now Kizaru alone is up against:
- Yonkou Luffy
- Low Top Tier Zoro
- Rest of the crew
- Bonney
- Vegapunks
- Seraphim
- 50 Pacifista each worth a Battleship on their own

And they still think all of that is required just to escape
@Kurozumi Wiwi @Fleet Admiral Lee Hung @SakazOuki
they actually made fun of him for doing something normal? lol
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