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CoC: Color of Clowns

Cocking Haki? In a Franky arc?
Hopefully Oda continues with the Kuma flashback a bit longer. I prefer extended flashbacks for characters as important as Kuma rather than just some panels.

The traitor sounds like an interesting development. Stuff was sounding a bit too convenient for the Straw Hats, throwing in a traitor to aid the enemies works to make the situation seem more reasonable. Perhaps even freeing Lucci or finding interesting ways to realistically stand in the Straw Hats' way.

Luffy and Zoro staying behind sounds promising. Kizaru and potentially Saturn getting time to shine should be nice. Zoro vs Kizaru to pay him back for Sabaody and us seeing where the Gorosei stand in relation to a top-tier like Luffy. If Saturn really is weak then perhaps awakened Kizaru vs G5 to follow-up the awakening focus this arc.

Sanji leading the rest of the crew to find Vegapunk sounds nice. Hopefully Vega comments on Sanji's Judge relation and perhaps sees Diable Jambe and gives some exposition on that, confirming once and for all it ain't a genetic enhancement. Based on everything we know, it likely isn't, Sanji claims it's simply the manifestation of his passion along with him physically generating the heat from spinning and I assume, post-timeskip, quick, more subtle movements but i just want Vega to set the record straight if he has any insight on such. Plus also to settle the lunarian argument put forth by King. I'd rather Sanji stay the mostly humane, passionate fighter.

Franky also deserves more spotlight. Perhaps saving some Vegapunks if more threats present themselves and impressing them. Perhaps the main body commenting on how Franky built off Vega's childhood works.

Overall, Egghead is shaping up to be a really satisfying arc. Could end up the best post-timeskip arc if Oda keeps up the good work and doesn't fumble.
At this point, Vegapunk doesn't know about Franky's cyborg cola greatness, and that Sanji is Judge's genetically experimented-upon child. Or, at least, he hasn't shown any sign he knows.

Maybe we'll see the Straw Hats bond with different Punks? Shaka and Robin, Lilith and Zoro, Edison and Chopper, Pythagoras and Jinbei, York and Sanji, Atlas and Franky?
Curent Zoro with sleep diff CoO, CoA, CoC wave, Ad CoA, ad CoC, KoH, three Dragon style is mid top tier.

With Asura he temporarily is high top tier.

Admiral are Low top tier with their awakening mid top tier.

They need CoC to make it to high top tier territory.

Kizaru stand no chance against curent Zoro, the best he Can Do is delay the inevitable.
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