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Kitetsu Wanker
Come on you can’t seriously believe flame on Seraphim is literally indestructible . It is not stated in manga .
Why king choose to dodge advanced coc zoro attack instead of tanking it ? Because zoro advanced coc attack will hurt flame on mode king badly.

Food testing is new hunger pangs of Meme - irrelevant stuff. How is irrelevant? Skinny big mom is supposed to be weaker .

Yes , Saturn can use Seraphim for his protect but other gorsei guys need to have own Seraphim.
‘Sure Saturn can fight , but don’t expect him to become island to planet level or something
Zoro literally stated it - The flame is on, it is useless to attack. :nicagesmile:
Zoro's CoC attack didnt hurt badly even King's face in flame OFF mode, lmao.
It is irrelevant because it will never affect Saturn in combat just like hunger pangs were never seen on Onigashima.

>Dont expect Saturn to become island or planet level or something...
Yall need to chill :milaugh:Every top tier is island level, nobody is planet level.
And DC stat is irrelevant when they all fail to destroy a condom that is less than 2m high and stands right in front of them.
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