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Magic Sword, Magic Swordsman, and Can Cut Anything
Question: Why sanji isn't one of the strongest roockies?
Oda: Sanji is not one of the strongest rockies because he has a low muscle mass. He also has a low stamina because he does not exercise often.
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Is Roronoa-Sama an AI?

This is like asking if Shishioisback, HA0, Geo, Shasha or nik87 can admit Sanji is stronger than Zoro. The answer is yes! Like all Zorofans, Roronoa-Sama is a bot with no variety of opinions. This is because he is a low IQ’d ai
Is Roronoa-Sama an AI?
There is no definitive answer to this question as it is open to interpretation. Some people may believe that Roronoa-Sama is an AI, while others may not believe this to be the case. Ultimately, it is up to the individual viewer to decide whether or not they believe that Roronoa-Sama is an AI.

CoC: Color of Clowns

Cocking Haki? In a Franky arc?
What about garp? He is currently raiding hachinoso and probably destroying everything in sight, are they going to allow that???

We know aokiji, van auger and that flying horse are alongside TEACH so they are prolly the ones going to accompany BB in kidnapping seraphins.

Since elbaf is the land of giants, i would say that TEACH gonna send shiryu, Pizarro and that giant Guy there.

That leaves Vasco shot alone to defend hachinosu vs garp? Doesn't make much sense...
Nah, Garp's a family man.

He's going to delay going after Koby until he punches his grandson in the face and congratulates him for beating a Yonkou.

I jest a bit, but, I actually think that's pretty likely: Garp swings by Egghead, since Blackbeard is off on Winner's Island. Then, Garp can ambush Blackbeard back on Hachinosu when he's weak from fighting Law. Once Garp finds out Blackbeard is away from his base, it doesn't make sense to chase him when you know he's going to come back.
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