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This might fit what they said but we need context from the actual chapter dialogue and such. We need to see what he says and such. But aside from that that, the fucking BS baiting that is going on is too tiring, theres a bunch of idiots who will do anything for clout because its too easy and they are shameless.

I trust Pew a little here though but we'll see.

You'r right the conversation might still happen. I am not bashing on Pew but they even let fleetadmiral fenaker purposly take an L for letting him post fake spoilers before. I dont know what translation issues they have on the arabic side. Scotch is usually right and pew said he got it from his discord.

Pot Goblin

Conejo Blanco
Nah, they're both being hunted, the WG wants Luffy dead due to Gear 5, they even ordered a CP0 agent to throw himself at Kaido to kill Luffy. Vivi needs to be around strong people who can protect her, and, as much as I love Morgans, he ain't it, chief.

It's definitely possible she's somewhere else, though.
It's the ability to fly to different locations whenever you want that makes Morgan's place the best
Vivi may be hunted rn but you do not want to be publicly associated with a pirate group as that's something that sticks even if the WG are not actively after you, we see how a lot of characters react negatively to people involved with pirates

Plus someone needs to take care of Alabasta after the news of Cobra's death and her disappearance dropped
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