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Saw a reddit comment about how Vegapunk Stella himself might be the traitor considering the fuckery going on in Egghead and it's made me think. I wonder if he himself called Kizaru/the Gorosei to come down so he could prove he was "still on their side/get more funds". If you think about it, sure he's escaping assassination but it doesn't make sense that he'd wanna travel with the Straw Hats. What benefit does he get if he can't get government funding for his experiments? I like VP but he's not really a completely good guy; he lives pretty squarely in the grey when it comes to his morals, just doesn't go full evil like Caesar's experiments.

I think u were also supporting me on this so let's lol at the Godfy stans claiming he could whoop Law and Kid 2v1 LMAO

They low diff his ass
Was always the case, all three gaining 3 bil bounties for a reason, look at Law's portrayal vs BB, Luffy gets the benefit of the doubt due to his fight eith Kaido but it's reasonable to assume they can push Luffy mid diff minim if not high diff in a 1v1, there's no way he's beating them in a 2v1 scenario.
He does it with every antagonist - hold them until their arc comes.
He is not holding him back. You see Kaidou, Bigmom, Doflamingo, etc in their introduction. And you see BB now. There is no point in holding him back when he is continuously on the move.

Also, I don't think anyone would be threatening anymore - there is hardly any tension anymore
Honestly, I don't understand this tension concept, particularly for one piece.

You always know the protag will win when there are stakes like 'if not, everything is over'
And people had a myriad of discussions about how Luffy going to lose against Kaidou in the final round even though people keep on telling that there is 'no tension' in that fight.

And can you absolutely tell that if right now Luffy vs Kizaru happens who will win? nope.

So same way, it is pointless to discuss tension. What I want is competence from Blackbeard. The same kind of competence he has shown during timeskip and preskip.

More than tension, I am in anticipation on how the fight will go and end. Oda needs to succeed there. We all know Luffy will win against Lucci in eneis lobby but it became the best fight in one piece because of the execution from the beginning to the end. Luffy vs Kaidou 1 vs 1 almost had such execution except for the abrupt one-punch underwhelming climax.
The question is now gonna be where will the upcoming marine war be taking place

Will they travel to the HQ?
Or will it be taking place in Elbaf where they will escape with Vegapunk?

Either way the Grand Fleet has to get involved at very least.
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