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Your dream will be crushed, like mine and everyone else's were. It's sad but it's the truth.
He is not holding him back. You see Kaidou, Bigmom, Doflamingo, etc in their introduction. And you see BB now. There is no point in holding him back when he is continuously on the move.

Honestly, I don't understand this tension concept, particularly for one piece.

You always know the protag will win when there are stakes like 'if not, everything is over'
And people had a myriad of discussions about how Luffy going to lose against Kaidou in the final round even though people keep on telling that there is 'no tension' in that fight.

And can you absolutely tell that if right now Luffy vs Kizaru happens who will win? nope.

So same way, it is pointless to discuss tension. What I want is competence from Blackbeard. The same kind of competence he has shown during timeskip and preskip.

More than tension, I am in anticipation on how the fight will go and end. Oda needs to succeed there. We all know Luffy will win against Lucci in eneis lobby but it became the best fight in one piece because of the execution from the beginning to the end. Luffy vs Kaidou 1 vs 1 almost had such execution except for the abrupt one-punch underwhelming climax.
BB doesn't need an intro hype like kaido or doffy - he already got one pre skip.

There is only one instance when it didn't make sense and that is him backing out against Rayleigh because he went there for something else and got Coby instead - captivity of whom doesn't add up.

And, he is holding him back - he has two top tier df - one of the strongest in their category. Yet, we haven't see this combo in action even against law.

And, then we still don't know about his third df which most likely he will get it.

For me tension is not like I am worried or something but oda keeping me on edge - a lot of which depends on how oda is delivering on antagonist. And, we all know he isn't as per his own standards laid down - especially when he rush the end arc plot


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I get what you mean by angry stage but i doubt this is how oda would highlight her "grieving stages"

I think it supoosed to show her maturity and overcoming that loss
fair enough, i was just speculating in response to the people thinking she should be crying anyways
I mean Imu and Gorosei really just let her escape and not let anyone go after her at all

So I guess they just wanted leader of Alabasta dead for going against them in the ancient past?
We don't know how she escaped so we can't say that they "let her go"
If, for example, Wapol swallowed her when no one was looking nobody would have known where she was, considering the comotion with the Revos that was happening at the same time

The WG is looking for her for sure, but we will have confirmation of this once she reveals herself infront of Marines/CP agents
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