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Zoro owns him at this point
Honestly. Remember the shit "lives rent free in my mind" memes? I swear Zoro lives rent free in more haters minds than in the fans'. Not even Zorotards who cosplay this shit think about him that much

Any fucking spoiler/chapter, autistic kids have to make it all about Zoro this or Sanji that. They can't enjoy anything else. They can't criticise anything else.
Like, this arc, short as it may be, is already becoming bloated by Oda's poor choices regarding both Vegapunk and Sentomaru's decision (two characters thoroughly smeared at this point, imo), yet all have the fanbase can wank about is ZvS.
Such a sad state of affairs.
Makes you wonder if Oda's message is even worth delivering anymore when a good 85% of his readers focus on pointless minutiae, much like their existences.
Why the hell are everyone here talking about Zoro and Sanji?? I don't understand what happened this chapter for Sanji vs Zoro stuff to come up this week.
It was always a pissing contest.
Only after oda decided to make post-ts sanji a jobber it's no fun anymore. Sanji people can't accept oda picked a side himself by now.

This chapter? The most dangerous und most reckless two of the crew were probably left on the ship (by nami) to a) protect it against the fuckton of marines+ admiral at the doorstep and b) avoid unnecessary events/ collateral damages during the search for vegapunk
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