Who is gonna win this battle(of likes): Worst or Warchief Sanji D Goat?

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Then of course that raises the question of why didn’t he? Why didn’t he use the Giants to defeat Kaido and Big Mom? We can give him a pass for not wanting to fight Whitebeard as Whitebeard and his crew were actual good people, but Kaido and Big Mom were not lol. Kaido owned slaves, oppressed and killed helpless people, supported Orochi’s 1984 regime, and is overall just a Celestial Dragon with a different paint job. Big Mom wasn’t as bad as Kaido but she still wasn’t a great person, she stole the life spans of her own people to protect them when she really didn’t need to do that lol.

If Shanks could’ve beaten them even using the help of the giants, he wouldn’t have waited until they were dead to make his move for Raftel.
Not all giants sided with Red hair
Loki aint friends with Shanks
Kizaru to a minor force:
1 gorosei.
all seraphim.
a traitor.
100 warships with each of them being able to carry 1000 soldiers i.e. 100000 soldiers.
I wonder, who else will show up to help Kizaru?

And the funny thing is not the amount of strength that Kizaru is needing to face Luffy and his team, which are not even 1/2 of all the forces present in the fight in Wano, but that Kizaru will still fail here. :saden::risitameh:
the ships are there to encircle Egghead and prevent the crew from escaping by the sea
Kizaru is still packing them by himself, just like he was about to do Meme and Crydo the weaklings
Shanks’ single biggest on screen relationships are to Blackbeard and Luffy. If he’s not talking about one of them, he’s talking about the other. I’m not sure how they’re fighting but it’s beyond the pale to think they aren’t.
So....exactly what I just said? Lol

It makes no sense to do one and not the other. They need to happen together, or just Luffy being that hes the MC
No point on Shanks and BB fighting too,
Except all the panels in which Shanks has warned people about BB? Or the fact that BB will need to go past the last guardian to Lodestar if he wants to claim the OP.

Luffy needs to fight them if he isn't going to fight Law and Kid.
Luffy will never fight Shanks. Luffy will prove himself to Shanks on enemies great enough for Shanks to recognize as such. The return of the hat will be an emotional moment, not the climax of a fight.
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