Who is gonna win this battle(of likes): Worst or Warchief Sanji D Goat?

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Oda is literally showing Zoro defeating stronger opponent with weaker partner in base than Luffy needing Gear 4th with stronger opponent yet it is not confirmed?

Zoro > Luffy has been the case the entire manga.
G4 Luffy partnered with hybrid form of the one able to kill his friends including Zoro so yeah its not even fun to yell at each other, its just making Kuma > Mihawk make more sense than pre-TS.
Who said Kima above mihaw or prime Whitebeard? Here talk is just about Seraphim.
No matter how much, Oda didn't shit as much as he did on so called ZKK. :kuzanshut:
Tbh if ZKK actually happened Luffy would lose all his value as in Wano
Blocked Hakai
Carried Luffy
Stole Luffy's lunch money on roof top
scred Kaido and Big Mom
Scared Kaido
Defeated A Lunarian
Unlocked AdvCoA

Did all that in one arc

If he also killed Kaido on top of that, Luffy fans will send Oda death threats
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