Who is gonna win this battle(of likes): Worst or Warchief Sanji D Goat?

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G4 Luffy partnered with hybrid form of the one able to kill his friends including Zoro so yeah its not even fun to yell at each other, its just making Kuma > Mihawk make more sense than pre-TS.
Oii crack head
Luffy is saying Lucci don't kill Vegapunk and chore boy straw hats.

He is not including Zoro who is literally saving Lucci from dying.
You are one of the most dishonest people out there lmaoo

Making Kuma stronger


Sanji literally said Zoro woulda killed Lucci Kaku and Stussy at the same time
Lucci was too scared to even approach Zoro after he negged Kaku without using any named attack

How much mentally are you Luffy fans gonna get




It will save you from saying embarrassing shit like

Lucci > Zoro
Kuma ~ Prime Whiteberad
Kuma > Mihawk
S BEar > S Hawk
S Bear is bigger

Stop being so stupid bro

Please stop being stupid :suresure::suresure::suresure::suresure:
So Kong Gun doesn't do shit to lunarians outside pushing them back
I remember some people being certain WCI Luffy could beat King:quest:
wouldn’t do shit to a lunarian sadly
You guys are so retarded. You think there was an entire race of people all stronger than "WCI Luffy"? Thousands/millions of "Low Top Tiers"?

Your "invincible lunarian" got turned into plant food. Please stfu

@ShishioIsBack Between Luffy, Sanji & Law which fanbase is the worst and why.
I would say Luffy has the dumbest

I have seriously have two Luffy fan boys

@NikaInParis and @uyuu telling me Kuma > Mihawk

@sanjikun has always lacked a big part of his brain so it is no shock he is size scaling
"Kuma is bigger than Mihawk"

My God guys you guys make Sanji fans look reasonable

I think @kurwa @BillSlipton and @Agni Kaios have more brain than that and they are working with Sanji. Like I can understand the crack headedness

Oda has really fucked Luffy fans up bad this arc

For fuck sakes they are seriously arguing for Kuma > Mihawk

Imagine Oda seeing this shit
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