Who is gonna win this battle(of likes): Worst or Warchief Sanji D Goat?

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You guys are so retarded. You think there was an entire race of people all stronger than "WCI Luffy"? Thousands/millions of "Low Top Tiers"?

Your "invincible lunarian" got turned into plant food. Please stfu

No shit? WCI Luffy wasn’t even a little bit impressive

and that was an injured King, not to mention an admiral would have fodderized WCI Luffy too


Magic Sword, Magic Swordsman, and Can Cut Anything
Do you believe the gap between seraphim is as big as the gap between the original warlords?

If the gap between shark and hawk is equal to the gap between mihawk and jinbe that would mean hawk is already stronger than mihawk. Just like shark is stronger than Jimbe
All the seraphim have the same level. And mihawk>>>shichi. Reality zoro>>shic less mihawk
Oii crack head
Luffy is saying Lucci don't kill Vegapunk and chore boy straw hats.

He is not including Zoro who is literally saving Lucci from dying.
You are one of the most dishonest people out there lmaoo

Making Kuma stronger


Sanji literally said Zoro woulda killed Lucci Kaku and Stussy at the same time
Lucci was too scared to even approach Zoro after he negged Kaku without using any named attack

How much mentally are you Luffy fans gonna get




It will save you from saying embarrassing shit like

Lucci > Zoro
Kuma ~ Prime Whiteberad
Kuma > Mihawk
S BEar > S Hawk
S Bear is bigger

Stop being so stupid bro

Please stop being stupid :suresure::suresure::suresure::suresure:
He is not including Zoro? Where did he say "except Zoro" do you make it up yourself:lusalty:Luffy didnt even care about Kaku, only Lucci

Where did Sanji said Zoro will beat Stussy - Lucci - Kaku combined btw?

Yeah i know Luffy > Zoro, didnt have to state the obvious. But in pre and post TS, Luffy have said Lucci will kill his nakama, the exact same. I dunno where you get this wild idea that Kuma > Prime WB idea tho, Prime WB is still WSM.
I don't even know why people debating about Seraphims and King
Seraphims hype =/= King's
They don't just rely on Lunarian toughness or 2 things.
They are also called strongest humans by Vegapunk. King has no such claim or hype.

Sbear also demands more force since he's way bigger and bulker than other seraphims.
The fact Oda used Luffy and lucci to end S-bear proves he's the toughest and probably strongest seraphim.
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