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Who is the traitor?

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Yeah I'm starting to believe a bit more that it might be the Blackbeard Pirates.

The only satellite left that isn't ruled out is Atlas and I personally don't believe she's the traitor, so the only ones left would a secret 7th satellite or a third party like the Blackbeard Pirates.

And if isn't a 7th satellite then it's probably the Blackbeard Pirates.

I guess we will find out in the next chapter.
The only fraud in here is Luffy. G5 vs Lucci, teaming up with Lucci vs a kid King clone, can't even scratch the Seraphim, the list goes on. Zoro already defeated the strongest lunarian and he can take on 2 Seraphim by himself while Luffy capped at 1v1 Lucci. Can we blame Luffy for his dumb fans?
Anybody can defeat that fruad lunarians, after knowing their gimmick, heck even sanji blowed one of them even withought the info. It will only be going downhill for the lunarians from now on, as this fight wont extend much longer.
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