Why did York Betray Vegapunk?

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That is not good comparison, this is hax ability.
That is his ability to bounce back elemental attacks(atleast for now). He can do this to not just fire but various other attacks as well.

Katakuri cant do this with his awakening, but ok ill give katakuri the benefit of the doubt that his awakening mochi can resist fire a little bit but that doesn't mean king would get straight up overwhelmed as well. He has other abilities such as flight, on contact explosion, wind slashes etc that he can use to counter
Jackpot can only be used once. Zoro cut slashed his stomach again yet it fid not cause explosion.

It's still rubber though so fire should burn it. It did not burn Luffy's rubber wall means fire only hurt Luffy's fire body.

I don't know if he cannot burn Aramaki plant how would he burn mochi? Luffy never showed the ability to tank fire who is not from outside his body while Katakuri mochi did not melt when it came into contact with Red Hawk.

Flame off King is still much slower than Katakuri so Katakuri has no trouble to catch him with his mochi to bury him something King cannot counter with his flame since his flame cannot melt Aramaki plant.

And if he tries flame off mode, he'll still get blitzed and judging by how Luffy tanked dozen ACoC from Kaido while Zoro only needed 1 ACoC to 1 shot King and that Luffy was still hurt from Katakuri's punches, I'd say 20 punches are enough to hurt and beat flame off King.
Would be surprising if we are headed to another full fledged clash right after Wano. But on the other hand it makes more sense foe more battles, it's supposed to be endgame

100 Marine battleships, Kizaru, Saturn if he's strong or at least command the 4 Seraphims, York who might help them too with tech possibly, then we have Straw hats. What if Seraphims grow after they get "beaten up", York repairs them and speeds up their growth rate from their battle experience they had against now some of the strongest pirates alive.

A lot of factors from an overall first thought "short arc"

It isn't easy

"Seraphims have better AP than Katakuri.
King has better AP"

King can't hurt rs sanji
Seraphim can't hurt Exo Sanji
Queen needed germa powers to hurt exo Sanji truly

:milaugh:while base katakuri casually beat RS Ichiji at tea party, and was easily wrecking Vinsmokes in cover story (where they had plot armour) with power mochi.

"Katakuri has trash AP" yeah let King & seraphims hurt Exo or RS Sanji who's less durable than his brothers (Rs + exo)
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-York wants to become the only Vegapunk and Celestial Dragon

What the hell ?!?!? Like WHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT !??????

-Narrator states that tomorrow the result of this event(what happened at Egghead) will shake the entire world.

I understand it's about the all events on Egg Head and not just the fact that York decided to become a celestial dragon right???

I'll withhold judgment for now, but this whole plot seems soooooo random my god.

There could be some twist behind this. In a current setting where we have all this cutting edge science and research which apparently is ancient tech rather than futuristic, for all we know there could be some secret to CDs we are unaware of yet.

We might be reaching high end levels of science shenanigans.
We have artificial devil fruits, we have cloning, we have Seraphim, we have these organs found by the Robin group.

Maybe York is aware of something regarding the CDs which Stella hasnt told us yet.

Not saying THIS is it but as a mere example, if CDs have some scientific background to them. Like originally being artificially made centuries ago or some shit. Thats its possible to create CDs.
Which would shake the world.
Hmm... So York would have obviously had to use holograms to pull this off. Which makes me wonder if Shaka did the same thing to bluff the traitor in to revealing themselves. Hopefully not as that is probably worth another 5 extra chapters but would be interesting.

And as York seemingly wants to create chaos than I think it would be interesting if her goal was actually to lure the a member of the Gorosei to Egghead and kill them. Now that would be interesting.
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