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Thanks to Scotch:

Chapter 1079: "The Red-Haired Yonko Pirates."
The Germa's Journey cover story ends and we're back to fan requests.

-York learns that the World Government has betrayed her, so she orders the Seraphim to kill everyone except the main body of Vegabank.
-Near Egghead Island, we see a ship with the Blackbeard Pirates' flag on it.
-The scene shifts to Elbaf.
-Kidd vs. Shanks.
-Shanks uses "Kamusari" and ends Kidd.
-Dory and Brogy destroy Kidd's ship.
-Kidd's crew submits and delivers copies of the Poneglyph.
-At the end of the chapter, we have the narrator's box and in short, "The Kidd Pirates Are Exterminated".

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