Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Lmfaoooo they seriously thought Kid had a chance
half ass doodoo crew
Teach + commanders + fleet
Shanks + commanders + fleet + allied Elbaf
Luffy + commanders + fleet + allied nation + Ancient weapons
LMFAO u can’t make this shit up

Kid Stan’s actually thought they had a chance
I was specifically told that Heat and Wire could actually fight commanders and this was their time lol, not making this up.
People laughing like Luffy, Law, Zoro and Sanji won't get slept by the same attack too:milaugh:
The man just put a 3b pirate on a poster and you think Luffy, Law and characters with less than 2b would eat that:risitameh:

Kid just can't catch a break I swr...Dude has been running into high and top tiers ever since the beginning of the ts. Linlin's commander, Benn, Kaido and now Shanks:peperain:
Luffy can doge with FS and Sanji can dodge it in general
Zoro already blocked the strongest combined attack in the series
He’s throwing Kamusari back
Luffy = Zoro > Sanji > Eustass Kid
Everyone else doesn’t matter
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