Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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If you abuse your DF, you cannot be classified as a swordsman.

If you don't have one and primarily use a sword, you can be classified as a swordsman.

Unfortunately, S-Hawk has been disqualified from being a swordsman.

And also unfortunately, Mihawk has never called himself a swordsman, only having a government-mandated title.

Mihawk's new title is the cook of Cross Guild, and he'll be Sanji's end game opponent, while Zoro's endgame opponent is Vista
Its over ZKKboys. Roger wasn't WGS same way Shanks isn't WGS.


I knew Shanks and Roger would have similar styles. Not once I see you saying Shanks can use Kamusari.
Yes, Pirate King < WSS as per idiots. Tell me anyone apart from Zoro who wants to be the WSS vs the amount of those that want to be the PK? Lmao. These guys will never get to feel a woman's body with takes like these.
There is only one guy that wants to be the WSS while the series is about finding the One Piece treasure and becoming the Pirate King. Hahahaha. Zolo and Mihawk cucks are total nutcases. If you are a zolocuck or a mihawktard you are immediately inferior.
Been lurking really

not sure to celebrate or be disappointed yet. Most that know my wank habits, know shanks my second favorite character behind Law.

But god damn, he really did a number on Kid. I’m too conflicted. On the one hand hyped for another shank top 2 portrayal moment(Kaido >~shank> the field basically). But feel completely Betrayed by oda on the Kid front. Hyped as a CoC, to never actually display it…. Has no real noticeable solo achievements in the NW. An above all else seem completely delusional in retrospect. Constantly rushing into situations he can’t handle an losing bad.

But honestly I call kids flame out all the way back on DR. People thought popularity was irrelevant an oda would stick to his story. In reality the moment Law reach top 10 in popularity off SA alone. An top 2 on DR, It was settled!!! There was ever only going to be 1 WB of this generation away. This did happen a lot sooner then expected tho, an was a bitter end.
Just cheap writing. Oda just wanted to hype up Shanks. Whoever Shanks first on screen opponent was, was always going to get stomped just for shock value and hype. Unfortunately, it had to be Kidd.
I'm glad it was kid and let's be honest 3 billion for Law and kid was unreasonable. Even i.5 billion would be pushing it for kidd. Maybe law but over 2 billion? People in verse should be making comments on how they were overvalued. Lol kidd just sailed towards an entire yonkou fleet after getting straight dogged by big mom for mutiple chapters.
Sure, Kamusari is part of sword skills, but remember that Mihawk only has greater (not stronger) sword skills.

Shanks is a swordsman with stronger swords skills than the strongest swordsman in the world. Cope Zorotards.
Ehhh hes the Worlds Strongest Swordsman bro.

Until Shanks randomly pulls haki arms from his arm stump or decides to not use his sword fighting Luffy or something, Mihawk is considered the stronger fighter.

Ultimately its up to Oda how much he wants to hold it as the truth or lie to the fanbase in the future. Im saying this as someone who still thinks Shanks has the potential to be the endgame, that its only happening if Oda decides that Roger/Shanks have more up their sleeve. If not, then its not happening.
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