Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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1 month break = Urouge preparation
I thought the kidd pirates were done? Is he still continuing as a pirate?
kid is defeated
his pirate career isnt finished
Narrator: "It was this day, the Kidd Pirates lead by Eustess 'Captain' Kidd got defeated and their dreams of becoming Pirate King ended. Kidd pirates are hereby completely annihilated
This fake spoiler misled you, but this translation is wrong
Why don't people get that the Admiral and Yonkou positions were always inherently different?

Admirals are chosen by strength. They must rank above all other Marines below Admiral rank to make the cut, it's solely based on PL.

Yonkou can get their position when they have a huge fleet, territories and fame. Being strong just goes along because a weak person unlike they're buggy can't command a fleet. Strength is a necessity but not a criteria.
Luffy was deemed the 5th Emperor and it was seen as immature because he didn't have the strength yet.
Strength is definitely a requirement. There's a reason why each Emperor sans Buggy has 2-3 types of Advanced Haki and/or a broken Fruit.
My red god meters on overload.

Is there literally a single character in the entire fucking manga that can match this mans on screen presence?

Clashing with WB
Stopping Kaido from reaching MF
Bitching Akaiun
Bitching Yami/Gura teach
Making mihawk Run from MF
Bitch slapping admiral greenstain
An now one shottin 3 billion berry Kid( compare this to the admirals/mihawk vs vista/Marco/jozu) this mofo really was a god the whole time!!!!!!!
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> Vivre Card :

The Name of Roger’s Sword is Ace !
It's one of the 12 Supreme Grade Swords !!
"A single swing of Roger's sword, Ace(Supreme Grade), can cause huge shock wave!!"

- Skill 6:
Two Sword Style【 Takanami ( Hawk Wave ) 】:
Zoro slashes forward in waves while swinging his two swords. This attack has a very wide range and is effective when attacking multiple enemies at the same time!!

- Skill 11:
Two Sword Style【 Sai Kuru ( Rhino Cycle ) 】:

From a rhinoceros stance with two swords held in opposite hands, he spins around to generate a shockwave that blasts away all enemies around you!

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I thought the kidd pirates were done? Is he still continuing as a pirate?
it's the narrator's click bait to make it sound more dramatic. ofc kidd will get back on his feet. his story doesn't end here, he'll be fighting alongside luffy in the final war

remember, regardless of what's happening NOW, EoS kidd will be fighting/helping luffy and snitch will be dead.
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