Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Because to put simply, Oda didn't even draw preCoC Zoro looking like garbage vs Hybrid Kaidou or Hakai whereas Kidd pirates just got steamrolled by a Walmart Hakai from two Giants.

And then he got CoC, one of the most wanked powers in the series. The moment Kidd & Law were given Awakenings while Zoro was given the strongest Haki power in the verse... it was over.
Yes “Kid pirates“, not Kid himself got steamrolled by Dorry. Kid got punked by a move that is homage to Roger’s. Shanks is just that much of a self-insert.
Law himself was getting wanked against BB. “Should we retreat Commodore Teach”, he completely negated df hax too, something only Kaido/BM did previously.

Also not every acoc is created equal especially not current Zoro’s who’s not even top-tier yet. Why are we acting like current Zoro’s haki is anywhere close to Shanks’. Kid and Law beat an all out top-tier whilst Zoro hasn’t been near an all-out one even with help.


The Rogue Prince
Kid fought Big Mom in single combat and still got one shot by Shanks

This doesn’t change anything

In terms of portrayal Kid and Law are both still above Zoro
Shanks > BM.
Beating BM in a pis filled fight in a 2v1 with Law's help changes nothing.

We saw all 5 on the Rooftop and after Luffy, Zoro shined the most, period.
Then all 3, Zoro, Kidd & Law got powerups (AdCoC & Awakening) and Zoro still got the better PU.

Kidd's entire career as a pirate just got ended by someone who Zoro will 100% surpass.
The signs are obvious lol. Stop the copium.
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