Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Luffy bros... I just realized... By being such a pathetic jobber Kiddo insults luffy (3B bounty) and thus indirectly zoro too. :lusalty:
Shanks will think we are fodder too :josad: And he'll shit on Mihawk too thinking he trained a guy with even a lower bounty than Jobstass kid :josad::josad::josad:

I. Am. Fuming.

This argument was always flawed. Kaido didn't go for Shanks either, while Shanks in fact interfered with Kaido and sent him home, resulting in Kaido putting him up there with Roger, Whitebeard and Xebec. Kaido also showed big concern about Big Mom arriving, saying they are not prepared for war, yet felt confident claiming One Piece once teaming up with Big Mom and going for the ancient weapons.
This falls flat because Shanks never had a RP. Kaido and BM do. You can't become PK without fighting them. Shanks had to challenge them not the other way around. It's a valid question.

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Except Shanks prover nothing over kaido
Even above BM, he hasn't proved he's above her except in lethality and AP
You, literally one second ago:

I can accept Shanks > or = BM cause he got hype and feats
As for Admiral feats better than Big Mom, literally every one of them. The restrained Admirals at Marineford look stronger than bloodlusted Big Mom who was defeated by two Haki-less rookies.

Let’s just look at durability because that’s Big Mom’s only good stat: Fujitora is probably the least durable Admiral, and he tanked an Elephant Gun to the face with a small bruise while Kid broke Big Job’s arm in half without using Haki. Lol

Literally the least durable Admiral who isn’t even a durability focused fighter, looks more durable than Big Mom who’s sole claim to Yonko level is that she’s too durable for high tiers to easily kill. Lol


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Dude gets Ls, and then get wanked to more than make up for it lol.
Nah, it's just recency bias... :goyea:
People ignore everything that happened before the last chapter.
He will get his ass handed in every fight.
People confuse plot armor with Luffy being strong.
He himself is completely self-aware and knows that he has infinite chances.
Stop it. Big mom was at her strongest during Wano. The weight she had made her stronger not weaker. She was pathetic because at her strongest she is pathetic.
I refuse to believe she was at her peak at that time.

No way especially her performance to use AdvCoC once...

While Kaido is consistently utilizing it while holding up an island.
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