Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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How is it headcanon?

He literally makes the statement after seeing Luffy's wanted poster. He also, ot the surprise of his crew, changes his mind about seeing Luffy and instead decides to go after his fleet and One Piece

Ironic you say headcanon, when you accusations about Shanks are purely from a headcanon standpoint on why he never went after the other RPs.

The large part of the story is Shanks literally waiting for Luffy to surpass him lmao. But sure sure, thats headcanon
It is headcanon because not a single panel even remotely comes close to confirming that, it's just an excuse to not lumb Shanks together with everyone else that was hindered by Kaido from reaching the One piece.

I am arguing from the more logical POV. Kaido goes down and suddenly Shanks says it's time to go after OP even saying he has absolutely no interest in seeing Luffy, yet somehow he waited for him so that he can start advancing ?

Sure sounds like Headcanon to me.


𝐊𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐮𝐢
Waiting for the twist where Shanks poisoned Roger and is the secret final boss all along
That's too corny although as far as Anti hero/final boss Shanks. I'm all in for it.

Shanks is the best challenge to Luffy's worldview.

Blackbeard is just fat and evil. Not much of a compelling villain. He admitted if he didn't get Yami he'd probably die serving WB.
And again dodging the question. He stated he wants to reach PK, so why did he only go for that after Kaido went down ?

And for the other question because as it is shown in this chapter the Yonkou do THIS to uprising pirates and uphold the balance by preventing a new PK from rising.

I answered your question, now answer mine.
Luffy needed to awaken the Nika df. Laugh tale is shut off until Nika is reborn. I can’t remember the issue that says as much.
Why didn't Roger level Shanksu go into BM or Kaido's territory even once in 6 years, why is he collecting the Poneglyphs now by flexing on YC1 Kid ?

Dude pretended like he's the world police just to avoid Kaido. Calm down Shanks bros.
Shanks really got his whole entire crew and fleet together in hopes of jumped kid or law that's crazy

Shanks is just as much an opportunist as teach
Taking advantage of the situation when its the easiest and most convenient. If he was really about that smoke he would have run up on kaido and linlin
If Elbaf has a RP, Shanks automatically has access to it. They didn't just randomly cross Elbaf for no reason. Even Blackbeard is stated to have a RP given the narrative of Law vs. BB was that the winner takes all.

It's evident Shanks has a RP too and now the remaining parties, namely Straw hats, BB pirates, Kidd Pirates and Red Hair Pirates are going at each other.

It's cope to think otherwise.
It's not. It's cope to think Shanks has one when nothing in the Manga hints he does. Elbaf stands alone. If they protect a RP it's without Shanks since they have the strongest army in the world. They can defend themselves. If they choose to give Shanks a copy that's one thing but it still in no way means that anyone has to combat Shanks to reach the One piece while they have to confront Kaido or BM and so does Shanks.
She never beat either ndule stop lying. Look at Shanks. He knocked them unconscious but Law and Kid were conscious. it's over. Shanks > BM is a fact as if it wasn't obvious enough.
Yeah she didn't beat them but they were Moed unconscious and their crews started begging her to spare them
Isn't his also how Shanks won this chapter? Lol

She won! The moment they were unconscious and the crews stepped in
And she started going away

Hate like you want,
BM can KO both awakened kid and awakened law without even using adcoc and adcoa on her attacks

Comeback when admirals & Mihawk can beat a YC (who's nerfed or distracted)
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