Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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If oda actually let big mom use her powers

There are only two possible excuses
  1. Oda doesn't know how to let big mom fight without limiting her. Which honestly based on everything before onigashima is at least consistent lol
  2. Big mom's age was actually getting to her and limiting her. Her old age was referenced alot so i guess its possible but idk
Shanks chances of being above Rocks pirates died when he wasn't D. , gave up the hat and lacks VoAT

He's a failed Roger who's not PK or WSP ,nor equal to WSC/WSM.

Teach is newgen, he's bound to surpass everyone
Nah i don't agree
I think shanks had just as much potential as blackbeard even not being a d. Just like whitebeard isn't a d yet comparable to roger

Main reason I dont think hell reach his full potential is because he lost his arm
What's with the Big Mom damage control? lmfao. Her bum ass is by far the weakest top-tier. At this point, even the old legends get the benefit of the doubt against her lmao:risiup:
Crazy because she definitely has the potential to be on par with people like Kaidou and even Primebeard and what not.. But the way she was portrayed makes her look like shit.
I'm still shocked that Oda even gave here Advanced CoC combined with advanced CoA just to change his mind after that. He at least should have said that Meme having Advanced CoC and Advanced CoA was mistake. But he didn't.
Her looks much weaker kaidos as well, to roger & whitebeard. People don't pay attention to the panels. Rogers & whitebeards are so thick. Luffy Zoro yamatos are also thin streaks. They look smaller.
Ill never understand why he treated her this way. All she needed to show was more of this and less if her soul powers (outside of a justified awakening) and things would have at least looked better.
No, I mean like if Meme was originally meant to be a Meme, then would you give her powers (AdCoC and AdCoA) that she would never use? That makes zero sense to me. But yet again, in Egghead we see that Luffy forgot about his haki as well, this amnesia amongst characters is common thing now.
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