Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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So? Captain John was a Rocks pirate.

Meanwhile Shanks might turn out to not only be a D. but Xebec's son.

Despite not being a D and not having the ambition to be PK. So how does Shanks sitting back represents his power level?

Him being a failed Roger isn't true either. Roger conquered the Grand Line borrowing Oden's ability to read the RP and stole BM's RP. Not like he fought Big Mom and prime Kaido. Shanks is in a different position and now he makes his move.
When I talk about Rocks pirate
I'm talking about the 5 : Xebec, Wb, kaido, BM and Shiki
Shanks hasn't surpassed none of them in status, fame and power

Roger already sailed all over GL before meeting Oden. That was a year before God Valley battle.
Shanks hasn't done that!

Shanks can't even enter and steal RP
He's too afraid , he had to wait for Rocks duo to fall then flex on SNs.

Roger didn't fear fighting his peers even at disadvantage like vs Shiki

Shanks had his crew vs Kaido
His crew and allies vs Kid
He always has numeracy advantages
I actually predicted this thing of Kidd and Law not reaching EOS and stopping being pirates here.
Next Is Teach vs Shanks or It can also be a Shanks and then Teach vs Luffy.

Btw Shanks on an other level than Kaido, G5 Luffy (Kaido's superior) cannot one-shot Lucci, while Shanks One-shotted Kidd.
Meme a loser, abandon ship now.
Things will only Spiral from here!!!!!
Kaido already massively shitted, Meme fans hoped off paneling was the reason. Now shank in 2 chapters shitted on Meme entire feat/portrayal built over multiple arcs. Bitching greenbull, an destroying Kid. It’s over
:myman:that's why Shanks needed allies and fleet for Kid pirates

Beating kid and law + crews > Beating kid alone
Comeback when Shanks could tank attacks that BM can
Granted, this is an overly exaggerated loss. No need for Oda to be this harsh. Show the loser some respect. 2 pages of hype and a proper send off.
Tbf Kidd is not a good guy. He literally killed innocent people iirc. He just happens to act a little like Luffy.
If you understood the fact that he's up against Jesus reincarnated as an One Piece character, plus the fact that he went arrogantly charging into Yonko territory AGAIN after getting clapped twice/thrice before, then it makes sense he'd lose so badly.
He needs to take a damn hint.
Law on the other hand got bombarded, he didn't have a choice but to fight BB.
I don't have incredibly high hopes for him winning but he's probably not getting destroyed as badly as Kidd.
Why are those the nerfs instead of Big Mom just being retarded (factual), not good at combat (factual) or lacking in haki mastery (factual)?
Because oda constantly nerfs her
  1. Wedding cake mom
  2. O-lin
  3. Inconsistent use of haki specifically conquerors
  4. Even inconsistent use of homies. Them only appering when convenient and disappearing otherwise
    • Like deadass even misery went missing multiple times even mid attacks. Straight up vanishing for no reason by the end
  5. Hell even when she fell down the whole and was conscious she for some reason couldn't call her homies
  6. She wasn't even allowed to land mighty nation once

Nah even wB capped at Sick Roger level not healthy Prime Roger
He only equalled Sick Roger in combat!
That's why Roger greatest enemy was Xebec not WB
Prime Roger ~ or >= Xebec
Sick Roger ~ WB
Idk im starting to think both shanks and teach might have xebec level potential
3. Oda is a sexist mangaka.

I am sure that it's 1 and 3 at the same time.

Honestly would love for her to come back and fight luffy somehow. With how many times it was said luffy will fight her after kaido and just how fun their fight would be i still really want it

Lee Ba Shou

Conqueror of the Stars
If oda actually let big mom use her powers

There are only two possible excuses
  1. Oda doesn't know how to let big mom fight without limiting her. Which honestly based on everything before onigashima is at least consistent lol
  2. Big mom's age was actually getting to her and limiting her. Her old age was referenced alot so i guess its possible but idk

Nah i don't agree
I think shanks had just as much potential as blackbeard even not being a d. Just like whitebeard isn't a d yet comparable to roger

Main reason I dont think hell reach his full potential is because he lost his arm
There is a third possibility:

AdCoC is simply not a big deal and Big Mom used stronger combat options instead of wasting time with AdCoC.
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