Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Nah bro.

Law and Kidd were never meant to exist. They are pretty much a dump thoughts put on paper. Oda proves with this chapter that he will destroy agendas.

Just ass Captain Middo.
Law was not planned for but I do believe him when he said he had big plans for kid. Either way Law is proving why he’s superior to Kid in every way.
I'm very confidant it's Caribou, that fella has someone to report to and Blackbeard fits the bill for someone that would be hungry for ancient weapon knowledge
You are right ,Caribou made contact with BB fleet like Burgess did when he landed at the Revo HQ .
While BB is fighting Law he sent maybe not only one ship to Egghead.
This could be leading to a potential Garp arriving at Egghead as well.
Would be great to give Nami a fight beyond “they’re a woman.” But also would be worried that this would just be Jinbes fight instead
It’s not even for that. It’s because BB knows his pirates all have fruits so they’re vulnerable to the sea. He is the type to strike a deal with a fisherman to negate that weakness
Shanks > BM.
Beating BM in a pis filled fight in a 2v1 with Law's help changes nothing.

We saw all 5 on the Rooftop and after Luffy, Zoro shined the most, period.
Then all 3, Zoro, Kidd & Law got powerups (AdCoC & Awakening) and Zoro still got the better PU.

Kidd's entire career as a pirate just got ended by someone who Zoro will 100% surpass.
The signs are obvious lol. Stop the copium.
None of that changes the fact that Law and Kid currently have superior portrayal

The future is unclear. The only thing we can speak on for sure is the present
Thanks to Scotch:

Chapter 1079: "The Red-Haired Yonko Pirates."
The Germa's Journey cover story ends and we're back to fan requests.

-York learns that the World Government has betrayed her, so she orders the Seraphim to kill everyone except the main body of Vegabank.
-Near Egghead Island, we see a ship with the Blackbeard Pirates' flag on it.
-The scene shifts to Elbaf.
-Kidd vs. Shanks.
-Shanks uses "Kamusari" and ends Kidd.
-Dory and Brogy destroy Kidd's ship.
-Kidd's crew submits and delivers copies of the Poneglyph.
-At the end of the chapter, we have the narrator's box and in short, "The Kidd Pirates Are Exterminated".

Small clarification on order of events based on TalkOP/redon elsewhere:

- Shanks uses the attack "Kamusari" (Divine Avoidance) and defeats Kid.
- The Kid Pirates surrender and hand over the copies of their Poneglyphs.

- Dorry and Brogy destroy the Kid Pirates' ship.
- Narration: "On this day, the Kidd Pirates, led by "Captain" Eustass Kidd, were defeated, and their dream of becoming Pirate King was shattered. The Kidd Pirate Crew was completely destroyed."

CoC: Color of Clowns

I am the Whole Circus...
I'm hyped
I was dissapointed at first that they were not the Saboteurs of Egghead
But this is just as good if not better than what I had in mind
Time to make this arc really interesting
I knew Oda introducing the Seraphim using Blackbeard was important.

Blackbeard would NOT just ignore something like that, and, since they're PX units, he would know Vegapunk was making the Seraphim, since he was a Shichibukai, and saw PX Pacista Units at Marineford. Blackbeard also seemed to know that the Seraphim looked like a Lunarian:

Blackbeard also has a huge interest in history, so it would make sense for him to want Vegapunk's knowledge, especially once he learns about Ohara's info being kept with the Punks.
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