Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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BB being the final villain is also headcanon.

Honestly if people actually accepted Shanks as a viable competitor for One Piece instead of always thinking he's meant to be jobbed by BB offscreen (even after this chapter my god), then its easy to just see how both can have separate arcs against Luffy, or even a 3 way fight for One Piece. Hell, maybe either of them survive past LT and are involved in the Final War.

There are so many other avenues to consider outside of the most basic one (i.e. BB = Final Villain)
Yeah, in a traditional sense there has to eventually be a "final villain" but Oda has built up enough characters and factions to do essentially whatever he wants with this last stretch of the story. Why wouldn't he go for unexpected options for his own enjoyment? Theorist after theorist is going to have their dreams crushed like Mid in this chapter.
That's great but i dont see Mihawk and Rayleigh on your list either..
Luffy will be at the top of the gen and Zoro at the top of the mid gen..:kata:
It's not PL it's when people say New gen they say Shanks, when he is Midd gen. Let me explain.
Old Gen Roger PrimeBeard Xebec Prime Garp/Sengoku Kong Shiki Prime Rayleigh.
Midd Gen Shanks Mihawk Kaido BM Dragon Akainu Aokiji Kizaru.
New Gen Luffy Blackbeard Zoro Sabo Koby Sanji, i newer put Law & Kidd because i knew this would happen & they would fall.
New Gen not all > Old Gen again not all > Midd Gen.
Blackbeard can ignore CoC, that's how He gave Shanks a Scar
And that's why Shanks is scared of what He might become
He probably got that scar years ago and shanks just had a quick increase in strength when he became an emperor like Luffy did.
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The only character since Ryuuma to have a black blade, a haki feat no one else has, not even Roger
Was this states to be a haki feat ever?
Big moms basic signature attack
Imagine big mom using with conquerors, armament, or her maser saber aka hera and Prometheus infused with napoleon
I dont even think she used the attack in her bigger mom state
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