Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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@MonsterKaido @Hanzo hattori
Does any of you want the honor to post the huge ass list ?
Not in mood right now. Kidd is midd though. It would be one thing if he was taking adv coc attacks from BM but that was never the case. Kaido's roaring TB killed G4 adv coc Luffy. And its fine if shanks have attacks more powerful than Kaido. His defense is immense

LMAO @rerere @Pantheos @Read no Mi @Iaarm

This is Big Mom just last arc being surprised about how much punishment Kidd can take. Now all of a sudden he’s one shot material and the simpletons on here really believe this isn’t just cheap writing to hype Shanks on his first on screen fight. :kobeha:
It Is for hype shanks.
And that's what people are missing, Oda wants shanks to be OP, It was clear, he's what Luffy Is After.
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