Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Oda wouldn't have made Shanks make sure to explain how he wasn't caught off-guard
You think Shanks is some childish Pirate who goes to WB to complain about his Commander who hurt his face?

Blackbeard clearly have a Special Body
And i'm certain that when Shanks tried to defend using Adv. CoC, Blackbeard simply wasn't affected
I mean, Gura-Yami Teach said that they aren't ready to face the RHP yet, so surely Shanks just had a much higher growth rate.
Roger is a event of just a few years ago, Ryuuma legend is still alive after 500 years.

Ryuuma never leaved Wano for his fame to spread., everyone that knew him is dead, the citizens have no way to compare.

fact is, the full might of the WG + Marines could no take Ryuuma and invade Wano

Roger didn't believe he would be the one capable of bringing the WG down and passed it to the next generation.
legend that mostly people in wano care bout .
the event you speak of inspired most of the pirates you see running around including your black blade friend and its why you have this story in the first place fyi . stop being delusional. No one in the story has been placed on a higher pedestal than roger hence luffy still hasnt been compared to him esp in terms of accomplishment.

wg + marines couldnt take big mom or kaido's territory while they were alive too ........ point?
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