Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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"No one in the story has been placed on a higher pedestal than roger" are you high?

I will leave you to your delusions.
do you know what imu and joyboy did
do you have a clue how strong they were
what they accomplished
if your answer to that is NO then that statement is correct. No one in the story has been placed on a higher pedestal.

not the one delusional here
you were comparing him to an island restricted hero. tears.
What me triggers about the Chapter is not Kid losing. That he wont be able to win this battle was pretty clear from the beginning. Sure, I had the wet dream about him winning, but I knew the circumstances and chances for that are horrible small.

But what me triggers is the way how he loses. Oda makes him eat one simple attack and spits on everything Kid was build up before. Every storyprogress for him, everything his character stands for, every started plotline, buried in dust, just for stupid fakehype, for simple sales.

There is so much content, which Oda decides to just bury with Kid.

Beginning his whole character building in Saboady, together with Killer.

His plotline about Shanks Crew having fought him before. Some redemption hinted, in dust.

His plotline of raiding WCI and stealing what he wanted, hurting some commander. Burried in dust without explanation.

Kid having all types of Haki, incl. CoC, even mentioned by Kaido. Burried in dust, without any further mentioning.

Kids whole story about his crew and their relationship with each other, their adventures. Hinted, but buried in dust, without any further mentioning.

His plotline about “the man with the burned mark”, buried in dust, without any further mentioning.

His plotlines about asking questions in fights and learn out of it, buried in dust.

And this all is just the peak of the iceberg about Kids character which is one shoted buried in dust. For a government dog to get fake hype.

And what hurts me most with someone sympathizing with Kid and Killer, is the result for his crew and the Victoria Punk without any form of respect. This ship was some sentimental connection to the first love of Kid and Killer, her memorial somehow, the memory on the first love as ship. And it gets destroyed and drowned for nothing and with not the slightest form of respect. It not even gets thematized or mentioned. Oda clearly spits on everything around Kid. It’s a disgrace.

But at least Oda sends a clear message to his readers:

“It doesn’t matter how hard you work for you dreams, how strongminded you are, how much you give up for it. You wont reach your goal, as long as you are not from a legendary lineage and get trained by the best in the world. So, if you are born poor, stay like that, be a slave, don’t have dreams or hope. You are nothing, and you will stay nothing. Except you are rich and your lineage is legendary.”
Very well said. Kidd losing is not the problem, it's the situation of his defeat that is the problem.

Another proof that Lolda is a fraud.
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