Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Against an AdCoC user? Why, so?
Because they are "captains"? That word literally holds no meaning anymore.
3 billion bounty?

Law and BB fighting is considered a clash of “titans”?

Given the same bounty as Yonko Luffy and a higher bounty than other Yonko BB before his increase

Having ACoC doesn’t automatically catapult you in portrayal to a tier that people without ACoC can never reach
The lack of shame in saying that Oda hates Kid for a result that was already expected. It seems that they forgot that he forced the same Kid to defeat Big Mom -a high tier, in a fight based on conveniences in his favor.

It was a character who still received a lot, and without deserving anything.


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I still don't think he got neg diffed. That's not actually something the spoilers say, just things that people are inferring from the spoilers since it states Shanks took Kid out with one attack.

Narrator: "It was this day, the Kidd Pirates lead by Eustess 'Captain' Kidd got defeated and their dreams of becoming Pirate King ended. Kidd pirates are hereby completely annihilated
This does sound like neg diff though
Lmfao, at this point I'm pretty sure Oda's high-school bully was named Eustass.

Bro finally got exposed. We all knew he didn't deserve that 3B bounty - might as well give those bombs and the explosion a 3B bounty while you're at it. Law did most of the damage too, Kid was genuinely mid.

Shanks' hype continues - there was not a chance he struggled here.

Kid Coin just plummeted. Big Mom Coin is dropping, Shanks Coin is rising, Mihawk Coin is rising, ACoC Coin is rising, Oden Coin is rising, - hell, with this level of savagery, even Oda Coin is rising.
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What role?
You think a role will fix the damages? Nope

Oda needs good editors
Not those who tell him "fans would love Shanks doing this to admirals or Kid or x"
"Make X do this for the flashes and money"

Kid is done

Even Ussop is better than him right now
Agreed, he should've killed him
The narrator saying it’s the end of his dream is just… too much. But it could be bait
The narrator has done that shit before. He said the straw hat pirates where annihilated in sabaody. He also proclaimed Kaido was the winner. Those aren’t straight up lies but in the end that wasn’t the real outcome. Let’s be real here, I doubt Oda is just gonna throw Kid in the trash just like that.
Kid pirates including Kid no?

What does this change though?

And let's not forget that Zoro left a permanent scar on Hybrid Kaidou in cqc and that's even before Conquerors Haki.

Ofcourse, they are all not the same.
The overall point is, Zoro will reach Yonko tier and split the sky with Mihawk.
Kidd & Law are gonna be glorified Poneglyph delivery characters from the looks of it.

And lets not forget, after Luffy, Zoro undeniably looked better than Kidd/Law on the rooftop and all 3 got their own arc powerups (AdCoC & Awakening).

The signs were already there, y'all just chose to not see it.
We are talking current no? Why are you bringing up future EoS Zoro’s feats? Zoro won’t even fight an all-out yonko tier till end of series. Kid and Law already beat one hundreds of chapters before that, if you think their growth ends here then maybe you got an argument lmao. I don’t believe Kid’s even dead but at this current point of the story, they still have better portrayal than Zoro.
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