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Chapter 1079 full summary by Redon

chapter starts in egg head island we can see S-hawk running and Zoro and Kaku following him

S-hawk made a turn to the right but Zoro turned to the left and Kaku followed Zoro
cut to the ancient devil fruit lab we see York talking to Stella

Stella : they will never allow you to be a celestial dragon besides the fact the you already know everything about the century void researchs so you will be a target too

York : oh I already know that that's why I'm going to kill everyone and you're going to be my winning card I will ...

cut to Robin's group we can see that she's using her devil fruit to plant an eye and ear to see what's going on in the lab and she heard everything we can see her being surprised

Cut to Sentomaru he sees a ship approaching the island and uses a telescope to see who's ship it is

Sentomaru : That must be Blackbeard pirates ship why are they coming here ?!

We can't see who's on the ship tough

Cut to Elbaf Kidd's crew is shooting at shanks's alliance ships at the shore but they're firing back and Kidd uses 'repel' to send the canon shots back at them all the ships got destroyed and Kidd's ship managed to arrive

Kidd and his crew landed and sees shanks and his crew walking towards him
Rockstar gets ahead and goes to deliver shanks's message

Kidd doesn't give a response and looks angry and attempted to strike Rockstar
Rockstar dodges it and backs off while shanks and his crew were moving forward

Shanks : I'll take that as a no
Kidd : do whatever you like nothing will go as it went last time
Shanks : True, it's me who's gonna take care of you this time you know there's no room for two red hairs in this sea

Kidd started to accumulate iron and shanks sword almost got taken away if it wasn't for shank's observation haki

Kidd's crew started to fight shank's and killer is taking Ben Beckman as an opponent

Kidd tried to punch shanks but shanks keeps cutting Kidd's garbage

Kidd turns his head and sees all of his crew getting beated

Out of anger Kidd runs toward shanks and says that he'll end this

Shanks : Bad move young men
Shanks uses Roger technique using the same name devine deprature "Kamusari" and sends Kidd flying

Killer sees the scene and runs towards Kidd to save him from falling in the sea

Kidd is unconscious and heavily injured and bleeding all over his body,Killer isn't good either

Killer : Kidd we have to retreat

Brogi and drogy uses their technique "ikaku" to attack Kidd and Killer but Killer holds Kidd and dodges it however the strike destroyed their ship witch was behind them

Yassop : Looks like you can't get away now

Killer didn't dodge the attack completely and got some damages and can't move anymore

The rest of the crew surrended and gave over the Road ponegliph in exchange for their lives

The narrator says : on this day the Kidd pirates got annihilated
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