Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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I mean from Shanks' perspective Kidd is an obnoxious violence attacker that endangers the people he wants to protect.
Can you blame him for annihilating the Kidd pirates?
snitch raided who's who's ship and stole a DF, costing many innocent marines their livelihood. he did it for no good reason as well. he made makino a single mother, is a deadbeat dad with other deadbeats sailing with him. whenever he tries to claim the moral high ground he just looks like a hypocrite twat
you guys think that's burying kid? Tbh i expected something like this... Originally i was saying he'd actually sink the fleet, but oda can't let his self insert take any L's until out lord and Savior blackbeard eats his heart

Overall i think it's a decent portrayal for kid, Proved he IS strong. Also proved that Pirate King candidates are on a whole other level (Shanks,BB, and our pirate god Buggy). Hopefully this will stop some of the Kidd slander. To me he's always seemed to be on a similar level to Law, One is a tank the other is a support/glass cannon. Neither one could take on a yonko alone and Oda is making that perfectly clear
I love how these idiots always want to sneak in Zoro there.

This is what Zoro got KOed with

It's a direct comparison lmao.

After defending against Hakai alone - a joint attack from two Yonkou - Zoro went on to:
> Help keep Big Mom's homies occupied
> Overpower and scar Kaido

After defending against Kamusari with Killer, Kid went on to:
> Sleep with the fishes
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