Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Dory and Brogy going from proud warriors to people who take out pirates who have surrender for Shanks lmao

Oda is so shameless
This is the second time the Kid pirates have attacked the Shanks pirates. Dory and Broggy didn’t want to give them the chance to come back to Elbaf for revenge. Just like they planned to do to shanks
For anyone whose been following the story properly, the outcome was as to be expected.

Yall got fooled because of Law and Kidds cheap victory over Big Mom, and really thought Oda was going to have one of his longest overdue for screen time, hyped characters really struggle against a character thrown in at the last minute, just to make an arc more exciting.
Same old argument

Basically admitting Oda went for his lobe for Shanks over remembering all the build up he did for Kid and NewGen arguments for the past 6 years

Nobody thinks they could KO BM,
But him losing like newbie after everything that happened in Wano is purely trash writing

I'm not gonna waste time here
You're the same guy who were defending wci and want bad writing over and over
Among Oda biggest worshippers, you're there
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