Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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The only annoying thing about this chapter to me are Dorry and Broggy.... aren't they supposed to be prideful? the enemy was thoroughly defeated by a single man and they just added insult to injury? lol no wonder Mr.3 low diffed them, giants are still scrubs
Lol I love that the heart and soul of the crew gets crushed and these two average dudes from pre timeskip proceed to just trash their shit
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Blackbeard is reckless and aggressive. He has these plans, but when it comes to fights he jumps in gets wrecked then wrecks back.

Honestly, it’s the perfect opposite to Shanks’ assessing the situation before fighting.
Naah, BB love to break his enemies, putting them on their knees. That happened in Impel Down with Luffy - he let Luffy attack him first, and then defeated Luffy. Only once, he showed absolutely disrespect to his enemy: Haniball from ID was defeated by him without giving him even chance to attack
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