Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Was that narrator comment fake?

If the narrator comment is what Lance posted, then this is bait.

If the narrator did an entire speech about Kid being out of the pirate race, then that's different.
Did you forget that Kid isn't the mc like luffy? the narrator doesnt need to give a speech about a pirate no reader cares about.
Nothing in this chapter suggests he is lol. He went after fodder. Oda went out of his way to state that Shanks grand fleet captain and subordinates are extremy weak and has only survived being under Shanks flag. And even then oda couldn't give Kidd that
I will see in that pannel if this is true. Anyway Kidd wanted to use smart move - defeate fodders with one attack, to leave only his crew vs Shanks. Now why you call Kid fodder? Shanks can do the same to each crew, maybe except Luffy's and other Younko.
Future sight is brutal :crazwhat:

And Shanks with a single attack one shots a pirate with a Yonko caliber bounty that was tanking Big Mom's attacks and was strong enough to beat her several times in physical strength and also one shots Killer :pepestrike:

Now LoLhawk's fans are going to take advantage of Shanks reputation to talk shit

Crydo said it ( the same crydo that Zkk losers wanked to heaven) lmao
Only haki can transcend all !!!

At this point anyone still believing poophawk is stronger than Shanks is in a state of severe denial but with the ZKK clowns in their day to day life :vistalaugh:
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