Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Future sight is brutal :crazwhat:

And Shanks with a single attack one shots a pirate with a Yonko caliber bounty that was tanking Big Mom's attacks and was strong enough to beat her several times in physical strength and also one shots Killer :pepestrike:

Now LoLhawk's fans are going to take advantage of Shanks reputation to talk shit

Crydo said it ( the same crydo that Zkk losers wanked to heaven) lmao
Only haki can transcend all !!!

At this point anyone still believing poophawk is stronger than Shanks is in a state of severe denial but with the ZKK clowns in their day to day life :vistalaugh:
Do any other mangas have as many one shots as One Piece? I can't think of any times where a one shot occurred in DBZ, HxH, Naruto, FairyTail, Demon Slayer, MHA, etc.
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