Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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You must go back and read the spoilers again. We can actually interpret this as Shanks got scared of Kidds Damned Punk. You realize that right?
he got scared? He saved his fodder allied captains and One shot, ONE FUCKING SHOT Midd and Miller. Am I afraid of someone and his vice captain if I can just one shot them? Hell nah. Shanks is God as compared to Midd.
oda has mastered the art of selling a narrative and doing the exact opposite
you would think the supernovas had finally made their mark following the events of wano .
The guy been going against his own plots, narrative and words in sbs

Fans still defending him for these stuff
All cause he gives them zoro or shanks moments
They're happy and defending everything
Lol I love that the heart and soul of the crew gets crushed and these two average dudes from ore timeskip proceed to just trash their shit
It is kind of funny, but if you really think about it it’s tragic, whole scene was fan service. I bet money franky or someone will end up blocking the same attack 😂
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