Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Shanks is still a nice guy. He first makes sure they're not wounded, so as not to be unfair and then he only attacks because Kidd still shows himself to be a senseless murderer. Like Luffy wouldn't have attacked the allies unless they attacked first. That's the difference. Kidd didn't learn anything from Luffy.
Yeh Oda genuinely goes out of his way to show the audience that the Kidd pirates deserve it lol
Then why Shanks gathered his fodder fleet to fight against Kid? Why he didn't just attack Kid's crew one on one? SO I will stay on my word - Kid was going to defeate fodders, nothing less.
Yes he gathered them to watch hence why they were not even needed. Which adds more to my point.

And Shanks in this chapter did attack the Kidd pirates solo so.....

In war you attack the strongest to intimidate the weak. Kidd weak ass attacked the weak which forced the strong to annihilate him faster. It was dumb


I don't tip.
You're happy cause you think SNs stole Sanji and zoro places
Last minutes or early minutes isn't the problem
You do realise most characters were planned way after OG 5 SHs? Admirals, Warlords,...

JUST CAUSE you love Sanji and want more doesn't mean you have to accept what Oda does to other characters.

fans basically wasted years reading these chapters and Oda also wasted his own time writing SNs and Yonko saga

Yonkp saga and everything feels like total filler...usuelsss. same way I called Rooftop filler where Yonko were made retarded for SNs to survive.
No progress done for kid and Co, except Luffy

This isn't a good storytelling
The shitshot this story became due to the sheer amount of character and lack of focus on SHs.

Now that we are FINALLY FIXING this, by removing the side characters, you think I'm gonna COMPLAIN?

Are you INSANE?

This cleanse was long overdue.
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