Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Ehh he'll still be back. I doubt his crew (those that maybe survived the hit) or certain elbaf citizens will let them drown.

We'll just have to wait 200 chapters before we see Elbaf to know lmao
I do think the fact that Kid had a hand in Big Mom's down fall will come in play here and the giants will save them and nurse them back to health.

What role do you think Kid will play on Elbaf?

I'm thinking he tries to fight Luffy for his rubbings and/or teams up with him against the big bad of the arc. With the goal of having Kid transcition to a grand fleet type ally
Shanks said "YC2 and below are fodder in the face of that man"

I'm allowed to interpret it that way
It is the only way to interpret it . Shanks was not planning to sneak Kid before kid sank his fleet he was ready to face him fairly 1v1 but he got pissed sneaked him and thats that.


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I did read . THe commanders ask shanks to let them do it and he said nop don't uderestimated him he grown much stronger and sneaked him himself after seing kid wrecked his fleet.
The ones who would've been shredded would've been the captains, not commanders. Said captain and their ships were described as weak fodder because oda specifically mentions they are, he literally just one-taps him because he doesn't want his posse of weak fodder to get destroyed lmao :kailaugh:
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