Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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I didn't stan Kid but I legit thought he'd make it to EoS and reach Yonko lvl as a Luffy rival.
Sure asf didn't expect him to be thrown in the trashbin like he's fucking Gecko Moriah
The least Oda could have done was give him a dedicated chapter or two to fighting Shanks and getting approval and possibly dying in a blaze of glory before bowing out of the story. But Oda is just having him get bitched


Kitetsu Wanker
Zoro wins against Big Meme

Kid and Law die against King

Yeah pretty much. :kayneshrug:
I repeat, Zoro took out the greatest obstacle in Wano.
King would have offed all of them if it wasnt for Zoro.

We got more:
1. Roger and WB are obsolete oldies who were among the strongest ONLY in their era.
2. Current era has surpassed them and Kaido has always been stronger than them.
3. Only unclear thing is how Oda plans to keep Kaido above Mihawk, might legit walk over that in future since Kokuto users are supreme.
This is the biggest L a character has ever taken in all of ONE PIECE :beckmoji:

If I was a Kid stan I'd drop the series altogether :kata:

He didn't just lose, he got permanently kicked out of the story and it was done in a fashion (sub 1 chapter) that doesn't even warrant respect for his journey :kayneshrug:

If Oda had done the same conclusion (Shanks breaking Kid's dreams and crew blabla) but with 2 or 3 chapters where Kid battles Shanks's allied captains/crewmates then it would have felt much better for Kid fans I would assume but wtf is this rushed shit? He got treated like FODDER
Then it would be called dragged out pointless fighting from a character that won't return or any other filler bullshit argued weekly
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