Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Anyhow how many countless times have the Supernova Trio beaten to a pulp only to come back and win? Law was said to have died even against Doffy, and he came back up.

This is Oda's MO with these guys. And no it's not just Luffy.
Luffy can't use awakening on them and bring them back this time :kayneshrug:
For the last time to morons like Tejas
When people say New gen they think Shanks, when he is Midd gen.
Let me explain.
Old Gen Roger PrimeBeard Xebec Prime Garp/Sengoku Kong Shiki Prime Rayleigh.
Midd Gen Shanks Mihawk Kaido BM Dragon Akainu Aokiji Kizaru.
New Gen Luffy Blackbeard Zoro Sabo Koby Sanji, i newer put Law & Kidd because i knew this would happen & they would fall.
New Gen not all > Old Gen again not all > Midd Gen.
Same happened to koby who is in New gen.
BTW, I meant current era as in Mid Gen.
3 way battle would be dope but as I said to you earlier - RhP has no beef with SHs. I don't see them fighting each other seriously especially Luffy.

If anything then I can absolutely guarantee you that RHP would go out to look for BBP.

Oda has consistently brought one aspect of shanks and that is related to BB.

Went out of way to WB ship to tell WB to stop Ace
Clearly said - if anything aches then it's the scar from BB
Challenged BB at MF
Most likely went to Gorosei to talk about BB (headcannon)
And, now says he went to wano as he expected BB to come there.

RHP vs BBP is set in stone as much as SH vs BBP.

Shanks will confront BB to prevent BB to face Luffy or get fourth RPG and will end up becoming hype tool for BB.

If oda showed 3 way? Sweet but as of now probability is really slim
My guy, ive explained this to you before. Its not about "beef". Its about competing for One Piece. Luffy and Ace for example planned on fighting each other seriously for the same reason. Luffy himself has stated more times about fighting Shanks than he has about Blackbeard lol

And this is me saying this while we have a very basic understanding of what Shanks actually wants. You say theres no beef. We dont actually know what Shanks wants from Luffy. We dont know if its good or bad. And we dont know if Luffy even will be okay with the result.

Aftet this chapter, there is no direct logic where Shanks will act as a "hype tool" for Blackbeard. Shanks has no DF weakness, unlike Luffy, Ace and Law.

Ill also ask you this very seriously: Do you expect Oda, king of short battles and offscreens, to do BB vs Shanks justice if the BBP are meant to fully wipe and defeat each and every RHP commander? He is notorious for hiding characters strengths and fights if they are meant to fight Luffy's crew. Think about this, neither side have truly had the luxury.

There is a reason Shanks and Blackbeards crews have unique designs with 9-10 powerful commanders each. Its not to lose to one another outside of the confines of the story that Oda would even show..
If BB can awaken 3 devil fruits he’ll be a monster
If he can awaken 2 he'd be a monster already him awakening 3 = its over
He becomes broly level

Tho thinking about it him getting a 3rd devil fruit kinda messes up my little theory/fanfiction
That teach = newgate + xebec and shanks = roger + xebec
Plus him having 2 mirrors luffy's fruit being 2 in 1...

Tho him getting a third one would still be dope as hell and i wouldn't be too upset lol
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