Is this the biggest single-chapter demolition of a character & fandom?

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Meh. Stop with this nonsense.
1) Did Kid manufacture his DF? How did he get it if not for free? He self-made his DF? And Luffy DF < Kid DF until awakening. Gomu is worse pre-awakening. Luffy DF always comes with drawbacks, can you tell me what is the drawback of Kid using his DF?

2) Luffy got trainers for free you say? Did Garp teach him haki when he was a kid? he was thrown into the jungle and he survived with his brothers in the jungle. Even Rayleigh offered Luffy to 'train' him post Marineford. And he just taught him basic haki skills. G4 is Luffy's invention not what was taught by Rayleigh.

3) Kid fought everything against all odds? what odds? and what consequences? losing his hand? does it affect them in any way in the story? no. Didn't Luffy lose his so much life because of the constant usage of gears and hormones during Marineford as a 'consequence'.

Do you know what is going against all odds? going against the world government for one nakama who can bring their crew danger, jumping into the most secured prison to save his brother, jumping into the war to fight for his brother, fighting a celestial dragon for his nakama, etc.
While Luffy lost his crew and his brother and had real consequences, Kid and his crew are simply chilling somewhere in new world.

People mocked Luffy for blindly jumping against Kaidou during Kuri. Then why you people are supporting the same Kid who went against Shanks without a plan? He did the same with Kaidou. He went without any plan to fight Kaidou. What do you expect?

Ever wonder why Kid is failing while Luffy is succeeding?

1) He won't learn from his defeats. For example, both Luffy and Kid lost against Kaidou, but Luffy was working on how to fight and defeat Kaidou, what was Kid doing?
2) Luffy and Kid both have the same dreams but Luffy care for people, while Kid kills people without any care and that care saves him many times. For example, Luffy helped Hyogoro and in turn, he helped Luffy to unlock adCoA and indirectly helped him to unlock adCoC. So in the end, Luffy did some good to people and it helped him in return in many situations.

Here no 'genetics' helped him to where he was.
And don't talk about genetics. Kid has CoC and therefore he is a chosen one like Luffy. So don't blame genetics for failures. At least, this defeat should help Kid to realize why he has lost.
And why didn't Kid learn or try to learn about haki?

Also, your talk about 'all odds' is hilarious. Kid has a higher bounty than Luffy's pre skip and we know the reason it was due to him attacking civilians, apart from being strong. So, if you talk about Kid being unfortunate, what about the people who died or were lost under his hands? aren't they even more unfortunate than Kid? so here same logic you have used will apply for Kid right? And there are pirates who are weaker than Kid, so they should blame Kid instead of their incompetence right?

Lastly, don't you dare think that without ad haki and a good crew, they have survived because they fought against all odds? They fought Shanks once and they were alive without any of the abovementioned why? it is plot/luck. I mean even weaker crew than Kid also survived in new world right?
You talk about 'consequences' but the real 'consequence' is Bigmom being dumbed down so that Kid without any haki can win. Kaidou's defense was retconned for him to take damage via 'brute' force. So, don't ever say that Kid survived on his own without any luck/plot.

Only incompetent people blame other people's success on 'genetics' or 'luck' for everything. Genetics won't make you a successful person, realizing your strengths and weakness and working on them will make you one. Luffy didn't become emperor under the 'D' quota. He built his own crew, it was his journey, not the one made by his father or his grandfather.

It is a fault on Oda wrote Kid without giving him some development like this but a character like Kid survived so far is not just their effort. Luffy is reckless like Kid but he learns from his defeats. Hope, Kid learns from this defeat and should know he needs to step up his game.
Whoa, I woke up to 150+ pages in the thread and a full summary....

And what a summary it was!!!!

Actually, I'm glad that Shanks does one-shot to prevent a bad future for his pirates, but I'm kinda sad they're highlighted to be such fodder. As if Kidd isn't humiliated enough.

And whoa, my theories about Blackbeard being interested in Wano were correct, @CoC: Color of Clowns there's still hope for Act 4!
Haki makes the biggest difference.

Kaido said Roger ruled the seas with haki alone, no DF. He said haki triumphs over devil fruits.

Oda purposely made BM "forget" she had Adv CoC at least vs Kidd and Law but had her wreck Page One with it lol.

Kamusari has CoC infused it and we know Shanks, Rayleigh, Roger have godly haki too

It was the CoC superiority BY FAR which overwhelmed and knocked out Kidd and Killer. Shanks willpower is far more SUPREME and disciplined but its still ridiculous that Kidd didn't even get to fight at all nor even try to tank it like Zoro with Hakai especially.

Oda really wanted to have Shanks stomp Kidd entirely to wank Luffys "true rival"and idol and show merciless superiority.

I'm extremely disappointed Kidds DF powers and awakening (I mean using assign and such vs them) didn't even get a chance to try and shine.

Kidd in his arrogance/stupidity went for his strongest, most dangerous and devastating attack, forcing Shanks to take extreme action and shut him down immediately before Kidds insanely reckless escalation and powers wrecked all his allies (the fleet I mean) and part of Elbaf too ofc.

Kidd left himself open by planning to make himself into a giant turret and thus be a sitting duck for Shanks to close the distance and shut him down too.

Shanks haki is utterly devastating and way stronger than the other Yonkos. Haki god for a reason lol. He's the closest one to Rogers level right now.

It fucking sucks to see Kidd get shredded like this but its not surprising either. It makes sense to me but that's also because I've had to abandon a lot of logic with OP and just go with the flow, including that infamous fight with Law and him vs Big Mom.
Neither Law or Kidd used haki, Law only used it as far I remember to counter Doc Qs stupid fruit lol.

Given everything Kidd has suffered through and endured, his UNBREAKABLE resilience, he should phave AMAZING CoC and haki blooms, but alas. Fucking Oda man.
Yea thats what we get when we're in the business with Oda's self-insert...i'm curious even about whether Oda will dare to humiliate Shanks like Kaidou beating Oden due to hostage or Kaidou screaming around from each and every enemies' attack lol
Is it just me or the giants attacking Kidd's ship seem like out of character? While they did give a reason, they still attacked a ship of already unconcious people. Giants were said to be honorable.

I'm guessing Saul will save Kidd pirates.
Well for a yonko shanks was pretty merciful when he gave them options. They chose to engage a battle for life and death.
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